Sell your sim is here to give people the ability to advertise their existing mobile phone contracts they have with or without the phone and give other people the opportunity to take over an existing mobile phone contract that is advertised here through ‘Change of Ownership’ what most mobile phone providers offer. 
'Change of Ownership' is free and allows someone to transfer their existing mobile phone contract that is in their name to someone else, this means that they are no longer responsible for the contract at all in any way including paying the monthly rental charges for the remaining period because it is fully transferred into someone else's name including their bank payment details. 
Most mobile phone contracts today are sold with a minimum of 24 months term plan. Now to some people that maybe acceptable being tied down to paying a fixed amount for a minimum period of 24 months before being eligible to change their contract or acquire a new one. 
However to other people that may not be appropriate, for example, their financial situation may change and they then find it difficult to keep up with payments of an existing plan or they wish to acquire a new plan for the latest handset or wish to have a shorter term contract than the traditional 24 month plan but not pay over the top prices for shorter term contracts so sell your sim is here to help. 


It's simple really, you could potentially pass on to someone else an existing mobile phone contract that you are committed to paying.  
For free you could take ownership of any length contract you want advertised here and not get penalized with high monthly charges for shorter term contracts.  
Also you could take over a phone contract and not have to pay any upfront charges for the phone itself.  
Security is important to us and we strive to keep personal data secure and private. 

SELL YOUR SIM Your Phone Contract Sold In 6 Easy Steps 

2. Complete your advert 
3. Pay the fee  
4. Allow up to 24 hours for your advert to become live 
5. Wait for replies 
6. Arrange Transfer 
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